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Our Story
expand your happiness filled with peace and fascination...
"Lay Pearl" originates from the Southern dialect, where "Lay" stems from "Talay," meaning "Sea." When combined with "Pearl," it symbolizes "Andaman Pearl," which is the epitome of Phuket. This concept was conceived by integrating contemporary architecture, with buildings painted in pearl white. Upon opening the door, you will encounter luxurious beauty and meticulously selected materials, ensuring the highest quality. The design pays attention to every detail meticulously.
Project Details
Poo villas modern style 2 story 3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
3950.50 sq m.
Living room
1 room
4 rooms
2 cars
1 room
1 room
1 house
1 pool
Note: The company reserves the right to modify and adjust details as deemed appropriate without prior notice.
The best location brings happiness
Each space within the home harmoniously integrates nature with every function, complemented by an exceptional location on Ratsada Road, offering convenient transportation and a vibrant community.
Rawai beach
800 m.
International School
4.9 km.
5.8 km.
Phuket International Airport
55.4 km.

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